Classes for 2019 Start June 2nd!

Hello Robotic Geniuses!  It is time for our 2019 STEM Classes to Start! Kids Classes for 2019: Every Sunday at the Island Club…. ART:  11am – 1:00  STEM Lego Robotics: 1:30 – 3:30 Computer Class: 4:00 – 5:00 Get ready for FUN and LEARNING and Lots of Science!!

Some updates

Noticing limitations in the free-build educational style, we have adopted a more structured education around the Lego pieces — building our way up from simple blocks to entire arrangements of interlocking technic parts. I hope next class we can begin introducing, at the very least, motor-based actuators, if not entire more complex kits. We will […]

Getting Ready for Sunday!

Today Alex and I did a lot of work preparing for the upcoming Fall 2 Lego Robotics STEM Class. We had to do many repairs to the shorted and broken Lego battery/motor leads. The leads supply energy from the 9V batteries to the Lego motors.         Problem two, we also need to use […]