Robotic’s Project Schedule Summer 2017

If you cannot attend all of the classes, here are the fees to attend them separately. The price difference is due to the cost of the class materials… the final project ( is a more expensive robot $15.). The base price for each class is 15.00 (for 3 hours). The materials fee coves the price of the project.  If the student can only attend class 4 or 5, they can take home the Final Robot to finish at home… but would need to pay the full cost of the robot parts.
*I need to know ahead of time exactly which classes that students will attend so I will have the correct number of parts!  Please!!  🙂 


  • Class One: Saturday July 29th: Led Flashlight ($15 base + $3 Kit)
  • Class Two: Saturday August 5thSpider Robot ($15 base + $3 Kit)
  • Class Three: Saturday August 12thMousetrap Car ($15 base + $6 Kit)
  • Class Four: Saturday August 19thFinal Project Part 1 – start the remote controlled Robot ($15 base + $15 Kit)
  • Class Five: Saturday August 26thFinal Project Part 2 – complete the remote controlled Robot ($15 base + Kit above)

*Students who complete all projects will earn a *Genius Institute Certificate*